As a coach, I want to make sure you are not only on the right path to achieving your specific running goals, but also that you are enjoying the process along the way. Therefore, it is important to me that I get a full understanding of your likes/dislikes in training, training times/venues available to you, and of course your current fitness level before I can create the right coaching plan for you. All this will be covered in the prospective athlete questionnaire that I will email to you and a following phone call (see contact).

Once a month, we will have a call to assess how things are going (I normally suggest a call before races to make sure we have a good race plan together), and you are always welcome to text/email me with any concerns, injury issues, or questions at any time.

I will be using the training platform Final Surge to upload your training each week. There you will find training details such as pace and distance (or splits/effort level depending on the workout), and a comments/notes section for you to input any post workout thoughts which I will respond to accordingly.


Description: Weekly training plan uploaded each week including day-to-day runs.

Communication: unlimited texts/e-mails per week, 1 call every month (optional).

Pricing: $100/month

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